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Letter to the members of the Group and to those willing to join MAGIC

[ 29 May 2014 ]


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The international web journar e-Perimetron on sciences and technologies affined to history of cartography and maps invites the MAGIC Group and followers to submit papers on map & geoinformation curatorship

21st MAGIC Conference

Gotha, 8-9 October 2018

Honor the Past & Create the Future

20th MAGIC Conference

Riga, 20-22 April 2016

The one who wants to last is the one who is willing to change: Old maps for New User Profiles

The topics of the Conference: Policy making and strategies for geoinformation/map collection development;
metadata models and data-exchange standards for library, archive and museum items; new services and new technologies in geoinformation/map collection; preservation, access and innovation in visualisation and presentation (virtual exhibitions) of cartographic heritage (analogue and digital);integration of other (geo)sources and materials; cooperation with libraries, archives, museums, and partnership with the public and private sectors.

Website | Programme | Participants | Proceedings

News from Prague: the Charles University, Faculty of Science Map Collection

Prof. Günter Schilder, an outstanding expert on historical cartography, visited Charles University
in 2014 to see the world unique works. There had been found, until then, unknown wall maps from the 16th and the 17th century. A short documentary film was made from this unique event.

Input by Eva Novotná
[June 2015]


19th Conference

Llubljana, 22-24 May 2014

Positioning of Map Libraries in the (geo)Information Society

The aim of the Conference was to present and exchange experiences of different roles and positions of Map Libraries in the rapidly evolving (geo)information society, metadata models and data-exchange standards, access and preservation of born digital maps, web solutions in the field of maps, as well as strategic collection management and benchmarking

Programme | Participants | Link

Participants in the 14th ICA DACH Conference, Thessaloniki, May 8-10, 2019

Enlarge photo

MAGIC members, Thessaloniki 2019. From left: Ifigenia Vardakosta Athens, Jelena Glišović Belgrade, Annick Anceau Liege, Carme Montaner Barcelona, Renata Šolar Ljubljana, Marcy Bidney Milwaukee WI.

MAGIC members, Thessaloniki 2019. From left clockwise: Renata Šolar Ljubljana, Carme Montaner Barcelona, Jelena Glišović Belgrade, Eva Novotná Prague, Tiina Kruup Tallinn, Annick Anceau Liege.

MAGIC members participation in 14th ICA DACH Conference, Thessaloniki, May 8-10, 2019

The final programme of the 14th ICA Conference "Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage" is here with MAGIC members participation and papers from the world of map libraries. Two map exhibitions run in parallel during the Conference. Thessaloniki May 8-10, 2019. Conference website

MAGIC members invited to submit papers

Visit the online form to submit title and summary of your contribution to the 14th ICA Cartoheritage Conference Thessaloniki2019. Deadline 15 January 2019. More

ICA Commission on Cartographic Heritage into the Digital | Facebook

MAGIC participates in the 14th Cartoheritage into the Digital Thessaloniki2019

The 14th ICA Conference on "Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage" will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece, 8-10 May 2019 with MAGIC partnership. More in the Conference website here

ICA Commission on Cartographic Heritage into the Digital | Facebook

Honor the Past and Create the Future The 21st Map and Geoinformation Curators Group Conference

NewLink for Registration
NewThe Conference Programme

Registration deadline: October 1, 2018

Submission deadline: May 20, 2018

The Map and Geoinformation Curators Group is organizing its 21st conference hosted by the Perthes Collection in Gotha, Germany, October 8th-10th in partnership with the Kartographiehistorisches Colloquium October 11th-13th.
The topics of the Conference include:

The submission should include the following information: a title and abstract for your presentation and a short bio for the presenters. Please submit your proposals via email to mapcurators@gmail.com

Submission deadline is May 20, 2018. Notifications will be made by June 1, 2018.


MAGIC participation in Cartoheritage into the Digital Madrid2018

MAGIC members, Madrid 2018. From left: Marcy Bidney Milwaukee WI, Mira Miletić Drder Zagreb, Ifigenia Vardakosta Athens, Renata Šolar Ljubljana, Jelena Glišović Belgrade.

13th Cartoheritage Conference in Madrid, 18-20 April 2018

Conference Website here

Mapping Tools for Non-Mapping Experts: Incorporating Geospatial Visualization Tools in Libraries, Washington DC, 1 July 2017

In 1 July 2017 the International Cartographic Association (ICA) hold the 28th International Cartographic Conference (ICC) in Washington D.C. As part of this meeting the Commission on Cartographic Heritage into the Digital is hosting a one day pre-conference workshop on “Mapping Tools for Non-Mapping Experts: Incorporating Geospatial Visualization Tools in Libraries“ in association and partnership with the MAGIC Group.

(See George Washington's full map here, Library of Congress)

This workshop highlighted how librarians can easily incorporate user friendly geospatial visualization tools into their work – whether that is instruction sessions, workshops for faculty, graduate students or the community or other projects within your library.

For more: visit the ICC2017 Pre-Conference webpage

22 September 2016 | update 1 July 2017

The 12th Cartoheritage Conference, Venice2017, 26-28 April 2017

MAGIC Participants in the Venic2017 Conference

The 12th ICA Conference "Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage" was held in Venice, Italy, 26-28 April 2017 organised by the AUTH CartoGeoLab of Thessaloniki, hosted by the University Iuav of Venice, in partnership with MAGIC .

Iuav Maplibrary photo | Proceedings

[ Venice2017 Conference website ]

The new MAGIC Board

The MAGIC Conference held in Riga, National Library of Latvia, 20-22 April 2016, elected the new Board of the MAGIC Group. See the letter to the MAGIC members by Carme Montaner and Renata Solar and the composition of the new Board

How to build an information time machine

An interesting TEDx film from 2013; a Frederik Kaplan talk

Input by Rafael Roset, 25 April 2016

Map Exhibition at the National Library of Latvia, Riga 17 March-25 April 2016


"Metamorfoze" preservation imaging guidelines

A national programme from the Netherlands, for the preservation of paper heritage, here

Input by Rafael Roset, 18 March 2016

Map collection of Charles University, Prague

Eva Novotná reports that the Charles University virtual collection of globes was completed with 3D and videos; see here

The Map Collection of the Faculty of Science of Charles University contains: 83 globes, tellurions and an armillary sphere (data as of 2015), including 14 rare specimen. It is available in youtube:

3D Himmels globus Franz Güssefeld
3D Erd globus Franz Güssefeld
3D globus Mätthaus Seutter
3D globus Willem Blaeu

Other cartographic material is available here

Input by Eva Novotná, 7 March 2016

Riga2016 Statistics

Riga2016 latest statistics: 54 papers for oral presentation; 85 participants, representing 25 countries and 46 cities from Europe, USA, China and Japan; major participation from Latvia and the US (9 participants each)

26 February 2016

Regular registration

Earlybird registration deadline
10 FEBRUARY 2016

  • Students 40 EUR, including oral presenters
  • Participants 80 EUR
  • Oral presenters (one per presentation) 65 EUR

Regular registration after
10 FEBRUARY 2016

  • Students 50 EUR (including oral presenters)
  • Participants 120 EUR (including oral presenters)


Bank-transfer Payment

*** Payment of fees confirms Registration ***

Administrated under the legal authority of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Research Committee - AUTH-RC

26 February 2016 | 20th MAGIC Conference website

Riga2016 Conference Programme

The complete Programme of the Riga2016 Conference is available here

18 February 2016

MAGIC members present papers in Riga2016

Papers by MAGIC members are to be presented in Riga2016 Conference: Marcy Bidney, Chrysoula Boutoura, Wolfang Crom, Jelena Glisovic, Evangelos Livieratos, Olivier Loiseaux, Carme Montaner, Eva Novotna, Lida Ruitinga, Martijn Storms, Marco van Egmont. Deadline for full-text submission of papers is 20 March 2016

8 February 2016

First info on the Riga-programme

Some first important information about the Riga2016 Conference Programme are available in the website

3 February 2016


The Riga Conference new website and poster

The Riga Conference new website is now on line at the same address as before. Download the Conference poster

27 January 2016

Title and summary submissions for the Riga Conference

*** Title+summary submission CLOSED ***

Paper title and summary submissions for the Riga2016 Conference come from 22 countries: Austria, Belgium, China, Czech Rep., France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, USA.

16 January 2016 | 20th MAGIC Conference website

GLAM from Australia

Innovation studies from Australia about GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museum) focus on the growing challenches of the issue in relevant reports

Input by Rafael Roset

Title and summary submission for the Riga Conference

Submit your paper title and summary relevant to the MAGIC Aims before 15 January 2016 to Anda Juta ZALITE by e-mail (Subject: Riga2016 Cartoheritage) to Anda.Zalite<at>lnb.lv

12 October 2015 | 20th MAGIC Conference website

MAGIC announces its 20th Conference, Riga, Latvia, 20-22 April 2016

Our 20th Conference "The one who wants to last is the one who is willing to change": old maps for new user profiles will be held in Riga, Latvia, 20-22 April 2016 hosted and co-organised by the LNB - National Library of Latvia.

The announcement and the call for papers (with subjects relevant to the MAGIC aims) are already posted on the Conference website with contact person at LNB the MAGIC member Anda Juta ZALITE, Anda.Zalite<at>lnb.lv

Dates to remember:
- Title and summary submission before 15 January 2016
- Early registration before 31 January 2016

The MAGIC Conference is organised in partnership and will run together with the International Conference on Digital approaches to cartographic heritage the 11th of the series set annually by the Commission on Cartographic Heritage into the Digital of the International Cartographic Association.

29 September 2015 | 20th MAGIC Conference website

1st International Workshop "On the origin and evolution of portolan charts", Lisbon, 6-7 June 2016

Visit the Workshop website for the announcement and more information. Also in the ICA website

Organisers: Joaquim Alves Gaspar, Tony Campbell, Evangelos Livieratos

8 October 2015

MAGIC website in new address

The MAGIC website is following the slight change of the ICA Commission partner. Now reads:

The partner ICA Commission in a new working period (2015-2019)

The General Assembly of the International Cartographic Association approved the continuation of the MAGIC Group partner ICA Commission for another working term (2015-2019) accepting the proposal for a slightly different name, which now reads ICA Commission on Cartographic Heritage into the Digital; the Assembly has also re-elected Chair Evangelos Livieratos. The renewed Commission website is now in an also slightly different address: http://cartography.web.auth.gr/ICA-Heritage. The MAGIC Group member of the Board Carme Montaner continues as the Vice-Chair of the Commission. The new Terms of Reference of the Commission are in the ToR section of the website

MAGIC presented in Rio de Janeiro

The objectives and activities of the MAGIC Group are presented in the International Cartographic Conference (ICC2015), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 23-28 August 2015, in the frame of the public business meeting (25 August 2015) of the partner ICA Commission on Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage

Old maps and New York City history

The NYC-New York City Space/Time Directory - to look back and explore centuries of NYC history through the lens of old maps: a talk about the platform the NYPL-New York Public Library is creating that takes all GLAM materials to a next level by associating them with geodata


Input by Rafael Roset

Henrik Dupont honorary member

The research librarian of the KB Royal Library - National Library of Denmark and Copenhagen University Library Henrik Dupont is the first honorary member of the MAGIC Group. He is a senior staff member of the KB Department of Maps, Prints and Photographs and a prominent personality in international librarianship and curatorship of early maps.

Contact: hd<at>kb.dk

The MAGIC Group in Corfu

Members of the MAGIC Group participants of the 10th Conference on "Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage", Corfu 27-29 May 2015. From back: Marco van Egmont, Henrik Dupont, Rafael Roset, Mira Miletić Drder, Jelena Glišović, Renata Šolar, Marcy Bidney, Evangelos Livieratos, Carme Montaner, Annick Anceau, Ifigenia Vardakosta

Photo: Kazimierz Kozica

The MAGIC Report about the Corfu Cartoheritage Conference

The ICA Commission on Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage celebrated a 10th Jubilee Conference in Corfu (Greece) 27-29 May 2015. The member of the MAGIC Board Carme MONTANER Head of the ICGC Map Library, Barcelona and Commission Vice-Chair, received a Honorary Distinction for supporting in various important ways the Commission works and its Conferences in the last 10 years.

Carme Montaner, MAGIC Board member and Vice-Chair of the ICA Commission on Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage

Three of the Conference eight sessions were devoted to map libraries with 17 papers presented (40% of the total), relevant to the subject:
L. Zentai, Cartactual, Something Special to Preserve (and Make Publicly Available) as a Cartographic Heritage: From Paper Maps to Cartography 2.0
C. Montaner, R. Roset, Maps, After All
M. Levy-Rubin, Creating a Comprehensive Digital Map Collection through International Cooperation: Maps of the Holy Land
Vardakosta, S. Kapidakis, Suggestions for Developing Geospatial Collections in Greek Academic Libraries
R. Šolar, Map Collections – How to Survive?
M. Bidney, Rediscovering the Tira De Santa Catarina Ixtepeji
C. Balletti, A. Ceregato, C. Gottardi, F. Rizzi, A. Vianello, 3D Digitization and Web Publishing of an ISMAR Cartographic Heritage: Historical Maps of Venice Lagoon
H. Dupont, Experience with crowd sourcing historical aerial photographs and new use of this result
Guarducci, L. Rombai, Map Collection of the Hapsburg-Lorraine Archives of Tuscany Preserved at the Prague National Archives
E. Novotná, M. Hyndráková, Search for digitized cartographic materials on the example of the TEMAP project.
J. Glišović, General Map of Yugoslav Countries (Karta Jugoslovenskih Zemalja) Printed in Corfu and Salonica During the World War I
Boutoura, N. Pantazi, N. Ploutoglou, M. Pazarli, Ε. Daniil, E. Livieratos, Setting Models of Good Practice for Cartoheritage Web Providers. Implementation on the Historical Archives of Corfu Map Collection
K. Kozica, A. Kuśmidrowicz-Król, The Niewodniczański Collection Imago Poloniae at the Royal Castle in Warsaw. Selected problems of Cataloguing, Digital Image Capturing and Preparing to Accessibility In-situ and in the Internet (Project Draft).
B. Michev, Diverse Approaches to Digital Preservation and Access to Historical Maps in the Library Collection: A Formula for Success
N. Ploutoglou, M. Pazarli, E. Daniil, On the Hunt for a Place for Maps to Stand in the Archives: Thoughts and Proposals to Enhance the Digital Management of Greek Cartographic Heritage in the Context of the General State Archives of Greece
M. Caboara, S. Tsang, Access to Antique Maps: Digital and Intellectual Paths
P. Přidal, Oldmapsonline 2.0 Search Engine for Maps

Input from Renata Šolar and Carme Montaner, MAGIC Board members

The programme of the Corfu Cartoheritage Conference and MAGIC contributors

The programme of the Corfu Conference, in eight Sessions, is available in the proper website section with contributions from the MAGIC Group members:
BIDNEY M.: Rediscovering the Tira de Santa Catarina Ixtepeji.
BOUTOURA C., D. ANOYATIS-PELÉ, D. EFTAXIA, E. LIVIERATOS: Links of maps and relevant textual data in early 19th century cartography of Greece. A digital case study for representations of Peloponnese.
animated gif 7sec/fr BOUTOURA C., N. PANTAZI, N. PLOUTOGLOU, M. PAZARLI, Ε. DANIIL, E. LIVIERATOS: Setting models of good practice for cartoheritage web providers. Implementation on the Historical Archives of Corfu map collection.
presentation DUPONT H.: Denmark seen from the air
presentation GLIŠOVIĆ J.: General map of Yugoslav Countries (Karta Jugoslovenskih Zemalja) printed in Corfu and Salonica during the World War I.
MONTANER C, R. ROSET: Maps, after all.
presentation NOVOTNÁ E.: Search for digitized cartographic materials on the example of the TEMAP project.
presentation ŠOLAR R.: Map collections – how to survive?
presentation VARDAKOSTA I., S. KAPIDAKIS: Suggestions for developing geospatial collections in Greek academic libraries.

24 April 2015 | Programme

MAGIC members participate in the Corfu Cartoheritage Conference

Magic members participate in the 10th International Conference "Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage", Corfu 27-29 May 2015: Annick ANCEAU*, Liège; Marcy BIDNEY*, Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Marco VAN EGMOND, Utrecht; Jelena GLIŠOVIĆ*, Belgrade; Mira MILETIĆ DRDER*, Zagreb; Carme MONTANER, Barcelona; Eva NOVOTNÁ*, Prague; Renata ŠOLAR*, Ljubljana; Ifigenia VARDAKOSTA*, Athens

Website | *Participants in the intensive course "Georeference for non-experts"

Cartographic Materials Manual still needed for map cataloging

Mary Larsgaard, Librarian Emer., University of California, Santa Barbara, sent the following circular on November 17, forwarded by the MAGIC Board member Annick Anceau: << Many map catalogers are already familiar with "Cartographic Materials: A Manual of Interpretation for AACR2," 2002 revision, published by ALA Editions. Now that the book, "RDA and Cartographic Resources" has been published, we three co-authors of that book do want map catalogers to know that in no way did we attempt to shoehorn all 400 pages of the Manual into our book; instead, we concentrated on differences between how maps are cataloged in RDA as contrasted with AACR2. This means the Manual is still extremely useful; it covers many map-cataloging best practices upon which RDA either does not touch or does so only briefly.
As but one example, how to choose which title is the title proper when one is dealing with two or more map titles is well covered and clear in Cartographic Materials, but not in RDA. And the differences in map cataloging between RDA and AACR2 are mainly in the details. Further, the Manual is NOT going to be revised. The Anglo-American Cataloguing Committee for Cartographic Materials (AACCCM) decided that, while as mentioned in the previous paragraph the differences between AACR2 and RDA are in the details, the arrangement of RDA is so different from the arrangement of AACR2 (which latter the Manual follows) that the entire Manual would have had to have been rewritten to make sense of it all. So, if you catalog maps in your library, and either don't have a copy of Cartographic Materials, or need more copies, now is a good time to order the Manual, since it likely will go out of print in 2015. Do let any of the three of us know if you have any questions on this matter>> Paige Andrew, pga2<at>psu.edu; Susan Moore, susan.moore<at>uni.edu; Mary Larsgaard mary<at>library.ucsb.edu

Input by Annick Anceau, MAGIC Board member

"e-Perimetron" issue

The Vol.9, No.3 issue of e-Perimetron, with a paper by the MAGIC Group Board member Wolfgang Crom, presented in the Ljubljana Conference, May 2014

10 November 2014 | W. Crom

Course on Georeference for non-experts

A special intensive course on Georeference for non-experts is offered in the frame of the 10th Conference on Digital Aproaches to Cartographic Heritage to be held in Corfu, 27-29 May 2015. The optional six hours intensive course will be given in the first day of the Conference by experts in digital transformations of historical maps, in georeference alternatives and in relevant good practices, with actual examples. The course is addressed to scholars and students in Humanities dealing with historical maps and their reading and in historical research with maps as main tools for analysis and interpretation as well as in map curatorship, map librarianship and relevant issues

more | participation | subscription

"RDA and Cartographic Resources"

As announced during the Lubjana meeting in May 2014, the book “RDA and cartographic resources” written by Paige G. Andrew, Susan M. Moore and Mary Larsgaard is now available (see here). Many map catalogers have been waiting for its publication and are now impatient to read it. The book is announced on the website of the European distributor of A.L.A. books. The book will be an essential companion for map catalogers working with RDA, and for map librarians seeking to understand how RDA are applied to cartographic materials. The examples and explanations will be appreciated by everyone. Both new and experienced catalogers will find interest in the book

Input by Annick Anceau, MAGIC Board member

The 10th Jubilee ICA Cartoheritage Conference+Workshop at Corfu, 27-29 May 2015

The International Cartographic Association Commission on Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage announces its 10th Jubilee Workshop "Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage" to be held at Corfu in 27, 28, 29 May 2015, hosted by the History Department of the Ionian University Discrete sessions on MAGIC's fields of interest will be integrated part of the Workshop

Reference webpage

MAGIC members participated in the Budapest ICA Cartoheritage Workshop

Carme Montaner (Barcelona), Eszter Kiss (Budapest), Eva Novotna (Prague) of the MAGIC Group among the participants of the 9th ICA Workshop on Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage held in Budapest at the National Széchényi Library

ICA Commission Chair opening address in 5 min!

A Session on Map Collections, Digital Libraries and Archives at the Budapest Cartoheritage Workshop, 4-5 September 2014

A Session of the ICA Workshop on Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage, Budapest 4-5 September, was dedicated to Map Collections, Digital Libraries and Archives with the participation of MAGIC Group members. The Workshop participants visited the collection of maps, atlases and globes of the National Széchényi Library where Dr. György Danku presented rare cartographic items of the collection. Here with Eszter Kiss (left) and Carme Montaner

Workshop page

The formation of MAGIC Group announced in the last issue of "ICA News", No 62, 2014

The international cartographic community got the news about the formation of the MAGIC Group announced in the last issue of the official International Cartographic Association "ICA News", No 62, 2014, (see pages 12-13)

ICA News, 62 [ pdf ] | Re: MAGIC [ pdf ]

MAGIC participates in the LIBER 43rd Annual Conference on "Research Libraries in the 2020 Information Landscape" in Riga, Latvia, 2-5 July 2014

Renata Šolar participated in the LIBER Riga Conference presenting the recent developments on MAGIC Group

Presentation [ pdf ]

The Ljubljana Constituent Conference

The participants of the Ljubljana Conference, 22-24 May 2014, from Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Netherlands, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United States

Hosted by the National and University Library of Slovenia the Groupe des Cartothécaires (GdC) organised its 19th Conference at Ljubljana, 22-24 May 2014. The Conference decided to form a new Group, the Map & Geoinformation Curator Group (MAGIC), joining the ICA Commission on Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage, renamed as ICA Commission on Cartographic Heritage into the Digital (2015-2019). The MAGIC Group has now International character and not strictly European as it was the case of the GdC


On-line sites with maps

Visit the ICA Commission on Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage page listing links to on-line sites with maps. Suggestions for additions are welcome


Jan Werner retired

Jan Werner's retirement reception took place in Amsterdam on 27 May 2014. The "patriarch of Dutch map curatorship" and "King of the Atlas of the Netherlands" participated in the Ljubljana Conference and is now a MAGIC member!