The research project Digital Library Map System (DiLiMAPS) of the AUTH Laboratory of Cartography & Geographical Analysis (CartoGeoLab AUTH) aims at the collection, organisation, documentation, and management of a selectively developed cartographic inventory of the AUTH Central Library (Tricoglou Library) through an integrated information system that will give the user, researcher, student or library staff, the ability to visualise and retrieve information from historical maps.

The system is planned to operate at the AUTH Library & Information Centre in a properly designed environment with the necessary equipment for the visualisation, study and digital analysis of the maps, while providing services to support, access and promote the Cartographic Heritage (Cartoheritage) to the public, thus reclaiming the library's wealth with very important interdisciplinary and cultural outcome.
Supported by the Hellenic Foundation for Research & Innovation HFRI/ELIDEK.

The system will provide innovative and creative methods for approaching Cartoheritage assets and their digital transformation. It will also generate applications and services to exploit, access and promote library’s cartographic depository in a sustainable way, fostering collaboration between those with primary expertise in the interpretation of cultural data and researchers with complementary expertise in digital and interactive frameworks.