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According to the statistics kept from 2009 the journal has been viewed 26,840 times by 12,910 visitors from 118 different countries


Contributions to the journal are submitted in English or French, the official languages of the International Cartographic Association


Together with the founding editors (Falchetta; Livieratos; Monti; Tolias) the editorial board consists currently of scientists from France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Greece

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The procedure for paper submissions can be easily found in the journal's web-page. All papers can be sent for the starting of the review process to one of the four founding editors or to the Executive editor Alexandra Koussoulakou: kusulaku<at>


e-Perimetron is a free-access international web journal with principal aim to couple issues on history of cartography and maps with a variety of possibilities offered by the new digital information and communication technologies. It is a pluralist peer reviewed international journal which does not obey any particular ideological, theoretical or methodological approach in dealing with humanistic, artistic, scientific and technological issues related to map history and cartographic heritage in the large. The journal is enlisted by the National Library of Greece under the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) 1790-3769


In 2001 the four founding editors of the journal Piero Falchetta (Marciana Library, Venice), Evangelos Livieratos (Aristotle University, Thessaloniki), Carlo Monti (Politecnico, Milan) and George Tolias (National Research Foundation, Athens), two coming from history of cartography and two from mapping sciences and technologies, met in mid-June in the island of Cephalonia [w], Ionian Sea, Greece on the occasion of the presentation of a book dedicated to the maps of Heptanese - Ionian Islands [w] from the era of Ptolemy to the era of Satellites. The book was the product of a Greek-Italian coopetation: the Hellenic Ministry of Environment, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the National Research Foundation, the Centre for Maps and Cartographic Heritage, the Foundation of Cephalonia-Ithaca and the Ziti Editions from the Greek side and the Marciana National Library, the Correr Museum, the State Archives, the University IUAV all from Venice and the Polytechnic University of Milan from the Italian side. This book, which was the reason to meet the four founding editors, was also published in Italian language in 2004, by the publishing house Il Poligrafo, under the title "L'Eptaneso nelle carte. Da Tolomeo ai satelliti"

At this occasion in the Island of Cephalonia, Falchetta, Livieratos, Monti and Tolias discussed on the possibility of establishing an international free-access web journal aiming at an innovation: to bring together historians of cartography and maps with cartography scholars and experts in new digital cartographic technologies in order to create a common space of research targeting at the broadening of cartographic and map heritage access and expertise

Five years passed from that meeting in Cephalonia and the idea was finalised in 2006, when the journal appeared on the web almost simultaneously with the creation of the ICA Working Group on Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage at La Coruña. In fact e-Perimetron was coming to couple the work of this ICA initiative and vice-versa. The journal appears since then four times per year with increasing success fo sar.


e- stands for the digital orientation of the journal and Perimetron recalls a Greek word for map (cf. the perimetre of land and sea), see O.A.W. Dilke 1985, Greek and Roman Maps, Ithaca NY: Cornell


e-Perimetron is intended to function as a modern medium for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge and research related to the involvement of new analytical methods and digital information and communication technologies as applied to a manifold of approaches affine to history of maps and cartography in the large. All modern geospatial engineering tools in all of its contexts, i.e. geoinformatics, geoinformation, geomatics and geoinfographics which are or could be applied to the historical domain of cartography and maps are welcome as potential topics of interest. This does not mean that cartographic issues as seen from a pure historical point of view are not accepted. On the contrary, are strongly invited since they could offer fertile grounds for discussion stimulating new ideas and opening new horizons and approaches towards the desired coupling of pure history with modern digital cartographic processes


In the twelve complete volumes, from 2006 to 2017, the journal counts 48 issues with 238 papers (ca 20 papers per volume, ca 5 papers per issue) for a total of 2820 pages (ca 12 pages per paper)

Vol.12: 15 papers, 188 pages - 2017
Vol.11: 16 papers, 201 pages - 2016
Vol.10: 12 papers, 189 pages - 2015
Vol. 9: 14 papers, 205 pages - 2014
Vol. 8: 17 papers, 208 pages - 2013
Vol. 7: 21 papers, 219 pages - 2012
Vol. 6: 24 papers, 249 pages - 2011
Vol. 5: 19 papers, 249 pages - 2010
Vol. 4: 28 papers, 266 pages - 2009
Vol. 3: 21 papers, 256 pages - 2008
Vol. 2: 22 papers, 277 pages - 2007
Vol. 1: 29 papers, 313 pages - 2006


According to the statistics kept since December 2009, e-Perimetron was viewed in the period 2009-2017 (Jul), ca 6,846 times per year, or ca 19 times per day by ca 3,618 visitors per year or almost 10 visitors per day, from 145 countries. The top-10 in %: Greece 20.3; USA 17.4; Italy 7.6; UK 4.5; Germany 4.5; France 3.7; Spain 3.3; Brasil 3.2; China 2.8; Switzerland 2.6.