D. Rossikopoulos, 2009

E. Livieratos, 2007






A. Koumarianou, 2011

G. Tolias, 2008

Editorial project


The editorial project in cooperation with Ziti Editions (the more than half-century old publishing house of Thessaloniki, in close cooperation with E. Livieratos from 1985) is for a series of low-cost, but high quality pocket-books (14.5x20.5 cm) available also in e-book version on historic cartography, geography and relaled issues, under the general title:

(el) Takseidia me Chartes se Topous kai Outopies

standing for Trips with Maps in "topoi" and "ou-topoi"; a title playing with the geographical words: (el) Topos and Ou-topos (=Outopia) corresponding to Place and No-Place (=Utopia)

The books

No.4 | Aik. Koumarianou 2011, The Neoteric Geography by the Dēmētrieis, Vienna 1791 (el) Thessaloniki: Ziti Editions, p 150, ISBN 978-960-456-295-4; info | sample

No.3 | D. Rossikopoulos 2009, The geographic longitude. Stories with stars, meridians and maps (el) Thessaloniki: Ziti Editions, p 160, ISBN 978-960-456-175-9; info | sample

No.2 | G. Tolias 2008, Maps & Histories. Greek topographies in the Renaissance and the Enlightenment (el) Thessaloniki: Ziti Editions, p 256, ISBN 978-960-456-101-8; info | sample

No.1 | E. Livieratos 2007, A trip in the Dominance of Maps. Stories about the representation of the widening of the World (el) Thessaloniki: Ziti Editions, p 142, ISBN 978-960-456-050-9; info | sample


The books of the series are also available in the form of e-book in Adobe DRM protected pdf