Continuing the tradition of its annual Cartoheritage Conferences, since 2006, the ICA Commission on Cartographic Heritage into the Digital (as was renamed in 2015 the Commission on Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage, 2005-2015) organised the 11th Conference in Riga, Latvia, 20-22 April 2016, jointly with the 20th Conference of the Map & Geoinformation Curators Group - MAGIC (established in 2014 as the continuation of the LIBER Groupe des Cartothécaires, 1978-2014).

Both Conferences followed a common working programme attended by all the participants, with thematic sessions dedicated to issues relevant to the subjects treated in the Conferences of the ICA Commission, according to its Terms of Reference (2015-2019) and the MAGIC Aims focused on map and geoinformation curatorship and in map-librarianship.

The Conference Board, from the ICA Commission and the MAGIC Group, supervised the overall organisation.

The National Library of Latvia kindly hosted the Conference and the CartoGeoLab of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki took care of the organisation

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