Commission (see Terms of Reference)
-Digitisation - Georeference.
-Cartodiversity* content analysis in terms of geometry and thematics - Landscape change studies based on map-archival sources.
- Visualisation of Cartoheritage, including thematic portals.
- Interconnection of cartographic archival sources, especially map and textual data.
- Historical terrestrial and aerial photography, including photo-related post-cards and relevant material - cartographic parametrisation.
- Cartoheritage web providing issues.
- Interaction of cartoheritage with map and geoinformation curatorship of cartodiversity.
-Development of catoheritage as a cultural issue, within the context of GLAM, addressed to education and to the general public.
- Geographic affinities with Cartoheritage.
- Cartoheritage and Digital Humanities.

* Cartodiversity: manuscript and printed maps -loose and/or bound-, books with maps, map atlases, globes and related cartographic representations in 2D and 3D, depicted in a variety of supporting material like e.g. parchment, paper, wood or other writable/engravable media.

MAGIC (see Aims)
- Policy making and strategies for geoinformation/map collection development.
- Metadata models and data-exchange standards for library, archive and museum items.
- New services and new technologies in geoinformation/map collection.
- Preservation, access and innovation in visualisation and presentation (virtual exhibitions) of cartographic heritage (analogue and digital).
- Integration of other (geo)sources and materials.
- Cooperation with libraries, archives, museums, and partnership with the public and private sectors

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