Sylvia Ioannou Cyprus Map Collection 


The Sylvia Ioannou Cyprus Map Collection consists of manuspript and printed maps, atlases, isolarii, nautical charts and portolan maps and other relevant cartographic documents with focusing on the representations of Cyprus geography but also on those of Greece and the Mediterranean.





The new Zacharakis Map Catalogue, Sylvia Ioannou Foundation, 2009 [ Contact: askout<at> ]


Foreword [ pdf ]

Introduction [ pdf ]


The Antonio Millo Isolario [ Presentation / More]

The Rigas Velestinlis Charta (the 12-sheet map, 1797) in high quality digital form

The acquisition of Pierre Lapie 15-sheet map of Greece, 1822

The acquisition of Pierre Lapie 4-sheet map of Greece, 1826.


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(Curator: Artemis Skoutari)


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