12th International Cartographic Association Commission Conference "Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage", Venice 16-18 April 2017

Evangelos Livieratos


Venice, 26-28 April 2017 | more


Chair of the Commission on Cartographic Heritage into the Digital of the International Cartographic Association and the founding and coordinating editor of the international web journal e-Perimetron for sciences and technologies affined to history of cartography and maps; member of AUTH CartoGeoLab, visiting professor (2016) at the University IUAV of Venice and member of the Geodesy Advisory Board of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences.





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In brief | Evangelos Livieratos is university professor emeritus living in Thessaloniki, Greece. He received secondary and engineering university education in Athens, in the 60s, and his doctorates in the 70s in Athens (NTUA) and Uppsala. After serving as university assistant at the NTUA he was elected full professor at Thessaloniki (AUTH) in 1979 serving untill 2015. From the early 70s, his main international research and teaching mobility references include Cambridge MA, Uppsala, Munich, Trieste, Delft, Stuttgart, Bologna and Venice | more ***

Thessaloniki transformed back to early 18th century - Animation EL

The site briefly presents the work done during the last 45 years of research, teaching and implementation, still ongoing in mapping sciences, technologies and affine fields with the emphasis given in the recent years of activity.

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