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The idea behind this ICA Commission goes back to 2005. It is based on the recognition of the fact that the rapid deployment of digital information and communication technologies is influencing a manifold of issues related to Cartographic Heritage in the large, interesting not only specialists but also the general public.

In principle, the focus is on any specific ICT topic which interacts potentially with issues related to the heritage of cartography and maps. The ambition is to enrich the concept of Cartographic Heritage by attracting new audiences and potential operators in this field who are interested in the implementation of relevant digital technologies.

It was in 2005 that the idea to introduce such a field in the structure of ICA was presented during the International Cartographic Conference held in La Coruña, Spain. The proposal was supported by the ICA Executive and a Working Group on Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage was introduced. The 2007 ICA General Assembly held in Moscow, Russia decided to upgrate this WG in the status of Commission under the same name and the 2011 ICA General Assembly held in Paris, France reaffirmed the Commission's mandate for one more term.

In 2015 the ICA General Assembly held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil decided to have the Commission for one more term (2015-2019) under the new name Cartographic Heritage into the Digital.



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Conference Proceedings Available in pdf form: Madrid 2018 | Venice 2017 | Riga 2016

The posters of the Commision's Annual Conferences on Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage

14th Thessaloniki 2019 | 13th Madrid 2018

12th Venice 2017 | 11th Riga 2016

10th Corfu 2015 | 9th Budapest 2014

8th Rome 2013 | 7th Barcelona 2012

6th The Hague 2011 | 5th Vienna 2010

4th Venice 2009 | 3rd Barcelona 2008

2nd Athens 2007 | 1st Thessaloniki 2006


Participants of the 14th ICA DACH Conference Thessaloniki 2019

Enlarge photo

Thessaloniki2019 Commission 14th Conference "Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage", Thessaloniki, Greece, 8-10 May 2019 | website | poster | programme

e-Perimetron New issue Vol.14, No.1


MAGIC 21st Conference held in Gotha, Germany, 8-9 October 2018: Programme

The early 17th century Giulio Aleni Chinese World Map The Commission supports and participates in the scientific event "Il mappamondo cinese di Giulio Aleni" organised by the Fondazione CiviltĂ  Bresciana and the University of Brescia, Italy, 3 May 2018. Scientific Programme | more 1 | more 2

In the magnificent "Apollo Hall" of the University of Brescia Rectorate, 3.5.2018: The Rector Prof. Maurizio Tira (centre) introducing to the public and the press the scientific event dedicated to the Giulio Aleni World Map made in China the early 17th cent., now conserved at the Vatican Apostolic Library, Holy See. With the rector's delegate for international relations and Commission member Prof. Roberto Ranzi (second from left), the scholars Dr Huizhong Lu (left) from the Giulio Aleni Centre in Brescia, Dr Clara Yu Dong (second from right) from the Vatican Apostolic Library and the Commission Chair Prof. Evangelos Livieratos (right). The Commission supported this event.

Madrid2018 Commission 13th Conference "Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage", Madrid, Spain, 18-20 April 2018. Conference Programme | Photo album

13th ICA Conference "Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage", IGN, Madrid 18-20 April 2018


Presentation of the Commission's work The Commission presented its work at the 28th ICC Washington DC in a special session, 5 July 2017. See the presentation here

Washington ICC2017 Pre-Conference Workshop Mapping Tools for Non-Mapping Experts: Incorporating Geospatial Visualization Tools in Libraries, Washington DC, 1 July 2017

Participants in the Commission's 28th ICC Pre-Conference Workshop, Washington DC, July 1, 2017

Venice2017 Commission 12th Conference Proceedings, ISSN 2459-3893, 350 pages, in pdf format, edited by E. Livieratos and published by AUTH CartoGeoLab, are now available for ordering and online credit card payment

Venice2017 Commission 12th Conference Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage, Venice, Italy, 26-28 April 2017 - Programme | Abstracts | Proceedings

Participants in the Commission's 12th Conference, Venice 26-28 April 2017 | enlarge

M.-J. Kraak, ICA President; L. Zentai, ICA Secretary General; P. Ortiz, ICA Vice President; G. Gartner ICA Past President, participants of the Commission's 12th Conference, Venice 26-28 April 2017


Digital Humanities Members of the Commission contribute to the post-graduate workshop Explorations in Digital Humanities. Case studies and problem-solving, Universidade Nova di Lisboa, Lisbon 6-9 September 2016.

The Participants of the Workshop 4, "Reading and data mining maps", Lisbon 6 September 2016

Supporting cartoheritage activities in Greece The Commission supports the 14th Hellenic Cartographic Conference in association with the Hellenic Cartographic Society and co-organises the Seminar Maps in Libraries for in-service librarians in partership with the AUTH Library, the AUTH CartoGeoLab and the AUTH ResearchCommittee, Thessaloniki 2-4 November 2016

Riga2016 Commission 11th Conference Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage, Riga, Latvia, 20-22 April 2016

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