Zacharakis Catalogue of Printed Maps of Greece, 1477-1800 


The Christos G. Zacharakis Catalogue of Printed Maps of Greece is the first and only existing Map Catalogue describing the printed maps of Greece from 1477 to 1800. Published for the first time in Nicosia (1982) by the Leventis Foundation in 467 pages with 2173 entries and in second revised and amplified edition by the Samourkas Foundation in Athens (1992) in 483 pages (ISBN 960-220-193-2), with 2538 entries. The Catalogue got the Award of the Academy of Athens in 1984.


The Catologue's third edition is already published by the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation with ca 3500 entries.



The Samourka Map Collection

is catalogued according to Zacharakis map numbering.

NEW Third Edition, 2009

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