Type of contributions
Authors are invited to contribute with three types of contributions: Papers, Notes, and
Reviews of books, conferences and activities relevant to the aims of the journals. Translated papers from other languages into english can also be invited or selected by the editors in the form of paper or note. Submission of papers will be taken to imply that they present original, unpublished work not under consideration for other publication.

Refereeing process
All papers and notes are subject to a double blind refereeing process according to the established tradition and standards of scientific journals, after having first screened by the editors. The executive editor will acknowledge the receipt of  contribution informing the author(s) as soon as possible about the decisions concerning the submitted papers. The authors must be expected to wait up to three months before notification of acceptance, encouragement to revise and re-submit or rejection.

Submission of contributions
Contributors are submitting in MS doc format papers, notes
or reviews to the editors [Falchetta @ ], [Livieratos @ ], [Monti @ ], [Tolias @ ] and, in cc, to the executive editor [Koussoulakou @ ] in digital form via e-mail. The relevant WORD format is given on e-mail request by the executive editor. The full-paper length is from 10 pages up to 25 pages in the given format, including figures, images, tables, notes and references. Lengthier papers can be accepted as particular cases by the editors. A note should not exceed the 10 pages including figures, images, tables, notes and references. A list of five keywords and a summary not exceeding a hundred words should accompany each full-paper and short-note.
In the special case when animation(s) are included into the text, the animation (preferably in animated gif) should be given in a separate htm page and numbered regurarly as a figure. This htm page is linked properly to the original page. In this case the author should take care of all the appropriate rules concerning the resolution and the size of the animations and of all the necessary assembling of files and folders containing the text, the images and the animations.

References follow the internationally accepted standards.
In the e-mail message to which the contribution is attached, the authors should include a short biographical note including affiliation and e-mail address for correspondence.

Text processing
The editors are authorized to provide linguistic revisions when necessary but in principle it is the author's responsibility to take good care of the English or French language quality. When quotations in other language are required a translation into the text's main language should appear in the text or in a footnote. A copy-edited version of the contribution will be sent to the authors prior to publication. Footnotes, as few as possible, should be placed to the bottom of the relevant page. Figures, images and tables should be included into the text in the desired place but should also be sent on separate files in distinct folders (fig, img, tab).

Copyright agreement
By submitting a text, the authors agree that the exclusive rights to reproduce the article, when accepted for publication, have been granted to the editors and the publishers according to the terms of an Agreement for the transfer of copyright. Authors are kindly requested to obtain permission to reproduce illustrations and any other copyright material prior to publication.

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